2 Mar

I have my backpack ready and my luggage is good to go. My flight leaves tomorrow around noon and I can’t wait to hit the streets of Tokyo. I have booked my first 2 nights in the Toco hostel in downtown Tokyo, and it will be an adventure in itself to find my way there.

I’ll be backpacking around Japan for the first month of March – I’ll try to keep this blog up to date during then, but if not I’ll do a few posts after my adventures. So what’s on the list?

  • I want to climb Mt. Fuji
  • I want to spend a day / night at a Buddhist temple
  • I want to take part in a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • I want to visit the tuna market , and get fresh sushi

The rest will be adventures that I come across from the people I meet, and things that I see as I’m travelling. I can’t wait to head out, less than 24 hours until I leave :).

After my first month of exploring I’ll be going to Akita International University, and this may sound weird, but I really can’t wait to study in their library (image below).

I have my kindle ready, my iPod touch, and many episodes of Six Feet Under to get me through the 14-hour plane ride, and I can’t wait to see what adventures are awaiting for me in Japan.

And for good measure – here’s an appropriate song – Departure by Nujabes (a Japanese producer).


2 Responses to “Pre-Departure”

  1. rachelb March 2, 2011 at 9:57 am #

    hope you have an AMAZING time brandon!!!
    i can’t wait to read ALL about your crazy adventures and live vicariously through your Japanese travels.
    have a safe flight!

    ps. take lots of pictures of the sushi.
    i’m jealous already

  2. Marc March 3, 2011 at 2:14 am #

    that hostel is more like a 5 star hotel

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